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Daniel Bonnell

The paintings of Daniel Bonnell are found around the world, from homes to western China to the Palace of the Archbishop of Canterbury in London.

Bonnell’s work is approached with the influence of the Barbizon School of the 19th century. The influence of the French painters Jean-Francois Millet, and Honore Daumier are evident throughout his work.

A Bachelor of Fine Art Graduate of the Atlanta College of art, Bonnell had the privilege of studying under the renowned expressionist painter, Ed Ross. His further studies were under the photographer Ansel Adams and the designer Milton Glaser. He has lived and studied in Europe, Africa and New York City.

Bonnell’s heritage is Italian, with his roots connecting to the Leonardi family of Italy—a family that produced several well-known artists of the 16th century.

Daniel Bonnell has chosen to present his art on beautiful ceramic tiles. Each tile is an original painting, although he will do the same painting many times. The tiles are well sealed, which keeps moisture out. They come with sturdy hangers imported from England. The artist make an incredible guarantee….if one of his tiles breaks or even if the purchaser accidentally drops it and it is damaged, he will replace it free of charge.

These tiles are exquisitely done, and make welcomed gifts for any occasion.

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"Wine, Cheese and Shadows" - $200
12"H x 12"W Oil on Tile

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"Grapes in Wine Glass" - $200
11.5"H x 11.5"W Oil on Tile

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"Yellow Sunset and Wine" - $200
12"H x 12"W Oil on Tile

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