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Both Evgeny and Lydia were born in Moscow, Russia, Evgeny in 1961 and Lydia in 1964. They married in 1990 and moved to Anchorage, Alaska then to California in 1998. Receiving their Masters of Science in Architecture from Moscow Architectural Institute, they then worked as architects for Institute of Special Projects in Restoration, Moscow.

Evgeny Baranov authored a unique program for teaching drawing and painting, based on the best traditions of Russian Imperial Art Academy. Lydia was the co-author of this unique program. To quote the Anchorage Daily News, October 2, 1994, "...He teaches something that they don't teach in schools in America..."

The Baranovs represent a unique combination of artists painting together simultaneously, on the same canvas. A very small number of collaborative studio work examples can be found throughout the history of art, however, the Baranovs collaborate not only in the comfort of the studio, but in plein-air as well. Working in a duet enables the artists to perform faster in the ever-changing plein air conditions and also to evaluate their own accomplishments in a more comprehensive and more captious manner.

The Baranovs are member of several national and international professional organizations. Their works are represented in government, corporate and private collections. Some of their collectors Mr. and Mrs. Clint Eastwood, portrait of Justice Rabinowitz for Alaska Court System, and many family portraits for diplomats from several countries.

Feature articles about the Baranovs are in Art of the West, Southwest Art, The Artist's Magazine, and many others. Awards include National Gallery Award of Excellence, OPA, 1999 and 2000, The Artist's Magazine 2000 National Still Life Competition, First Place, and finalists for both 1999 and 2000 in The Artist's Magazine National Portrait Competition.

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