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Alan Thorpe

Alan Thorpe was born in Oakland, California in 1948. Being raised in an artistic family led to an interest in art at an early age.

In 1974 his relationship to art became inspirational. His early work included numerous commissions for interior pieces and carved entry doors. Most of his early carvings were traditional. Wildlife in ocean and mountain scenes was his main subjects.

One of his first major commissions was with the Venetian Hotel in Capitola, California. Nine wood doors were created depicting scenes from the music, art and literature of ancient Venice. From those works, he made the transition to modern art.

Thorpe is a self-taught artist. His desire for freedom of expression and to find his own way prompted him to turn from traditional academic training. His work has been influenced to some degree by his admiration for the styles of ancient Egyptian art and such artists as Henry Moore, Jacques Lipchitz, Alexander Archipenko and Picasso.

Some themes that are recognizable in even his most abstract works are the female figure, mother and child, dancers and floral designs inspired by the paintings of Georgia O’Keefe.

In the early 90’s he started designing animal sculpture in a sleek, hard-edged style. First, Alan created a series of domestic cats, which has now grown to include six poses. Next he turned to African animals. His newest pieces are a majestic life-size tiger in bronze, two abstract female figures in bronze.

In a world where originality is very hard to achieve, Thorpe’s works stand apart. The variety of subject matter and his mastery in combining design and material gives his work uniqueness.

Thorpe sculpts in wood, stone, aerospace high-density polyurethane with automobile lacquers and enamels, cast cements re-inforced with fiberglass.

Among Alan Thorpe’s collectors are Mr. Alan Funt of Candid Camera fame; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur V. Toupin, former vice-president of Bank of America, San Francisco; Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Hirschman whose collection includes the works of Henry Moore, Alexander Archipenko and painter Mark Rothko; Mr. Peter Caus, Frankfort, Germany; and Mr. and Mrs. Winton M. Blount, General Postmaster for the Nixon administration and an avid collector of 19th century French impressionist painters such as Monet, Renoir.

All Bronze Sculptures available in soft gray, golden, red, and
brown patinas.

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"Black Rhino" - $2,600.
9"H x 15"L
Ed. 40 Bronze (Silver)
See Enlarged Image

""Baby Elephant"" - $750.
6"H x 8"L
Ed. 100 Bronze (Red)
See Enlarged Image

"Mother & Baby Giraffes" - $2,200. Set
Mother: 9"H x 7" L
Baby: 7"H x 5" L
Ed. 40 Bronze
See Enlarged Image

"Stretching Cat" - $1200.
10"H x 9"L
Ed. 100 Bronze
See Enlarged Image

"Seated Cat" - $2,400.
17.5"H x 7"W
Ed. 100 Bronze
See Enlarged Image

"Reclining Cat" - $1,750.
11"L x 7.25"H
Ed. 100 Bronze
See Enlarged Image

"Batting Cat" - $1200.
10"H x 10"L
Ed. 100 Bronze
See Enlarged Image

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