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Geoffrey Hastings

Hastings is a graduate of San Francisco State University and holds a B.A. degree in Fine Art. While in college he studied dissective anatomy as a means of understanding the bone and muscle structure of the human figure. His collectors marvel at his ability to not only sculpt beautiful figures, but also at the anatomical correctness of his sculptures. He once considered pursuing a career as a medical illustrator, but in the end, his love of sculpting won out.

Hastings' admiration of the figure-in-motion is evidenced by his subject matter, which includes dancers, musicians and angelic beings. His sculptures are best described as Romantic Realism, drawing upon the rich history of the Renaissance and the Baroque eras. His subjects are timeless, his attention to detail, meticulous.

"All of my sculptures are idealized visions of the human figure at its most splendid . . . the figure in motion. Everything is glorified by dramatic poses and gestures. I put a lot of energy into each sculpture trying to capture the spirit of the subject whether it's a dancer, musician or angelic being. Art, music and dance are all expressions of God's creative spirit in our lives. I cannot imagine a world without these three aspects . . . for me these are the three-graces of humanity . . . and I am constantly drawn to them for inspiration."

Hastings has exhibited at the International Art Expo in New York, Sculpture in the Park in Loveland, Colorado, and several fine art galleries in Oregon and California.

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24"H x 15.5"W x 10"D
Ed. 50 Bronze - $3,600.
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20"H x 12"W x 8"D
Ed. 50 Bronze - $6,400.
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20"H x 13.5"W x 10" D
Ed. 50 Bronze - $3,400.
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