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Frank Magsino

Frank Magsino grew up among the broad vistas and rugged mountain scenery of San Jose Mindoro in the Philippines.

Magsino worked as art director and chief artist of advertising agencies and national publications in the Philippines, and established an enviable reputation as an illustrator and commercial artist.

He moved West in 1968, and discovered the excitement of artistic expression in the field of Western art. Being a fan of Western movies from childhood, Magsino's enthusiasm of depicting actions has aroused and stimulated his imagination and creativity to portray the pride and heritage of the American Indians, the rugged individualism of the cowboys and mountain men. Frank Magsino became known as one of the finest Western realistic Painters.

Twice he has received Best of Show at the Western Artists of America Art Show in Cody, Wyoming, and the People's Choice Award for the Southwest Art in the Wine Country Show in 1995 and 1996. Magsino has been commissioned for covers of the most popular magazines in the Philippines. Here in the United States he painted book covers, and also magazine covers, among them being Conan the Barbarian, one of the most popular characters in the field of heroic fantasy.

Working with acrylic on Masonite, Frank Magsino often uses a magnifying glass to paint incredibly minute details. At times, he uses a brush with only a single hair. The resulting miniatures are delicate masterpieces, each a world unto itself. Few other artists have captured the range of details and human feeling as Magsino does in his exquisite miniatures.

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