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Ernie Ford

Born in 1946 in Southwest Alaska, Ernie was raised in the wilderness of the Wood River lake system. As the son of a pioneering family, he learned first hand the survival spirit of living in the remote bush. Barging fuel and supplies to isolated villages and the Bristol Bay commercial fishing seasons brought a hard-earned living to those willing to work for it. This heritage is continued today by the third and fourth generations of the original Depression-era family.

Spectacular wildlife and the vanishing relics of Alaska’s early history surrounded Ernie’s childhood. Fascinated early on with the natural world, Ernie developed a deep appreciation for the other creatures sharing the land, lakes, and ocean. Bristol Bay’s vast herds of seals and walrus, as well as varied whale species are reflected in his sculptures. The loons, bald eagles, Arctic terns, and grizzly bears also find expression in Ernie’s work.

Select pieces showcase the traditional kayaks, unique to the Southwest region, used by the local Yupik in Ernie’s youth. A childhood encounter with the last elderly hunter and his kayak, handmade with Stone Age tools, is beautifully realized in Ernie’s bronze Eskimo Hunters. Through the signature flowing lines of his art, the artist portrays the motion, grace, and beauty of wild Alaska.

Ernie holds a degree in Biology, is board-certified in emergency medicine, and is an instrument rated pilot. Currently based in Washington, Ernie Ford’s art is enjoying positive reception from coast to coast, and can be viewed nationwide.

Using wood, soapstone and bronze, Ernie communicates s story of Alaska’s wilderness heritage, and gives a glimpse of his life and adventures in the last frontier. His art is an invitation to experience and feel the quiet stillness, the exquisite movement, and the raw beauty of Alaska.

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39" x 21" Ed. 20 Bronze - $11,000.
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15" x 14" Ed. 30 Bronze - $6,250.
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8" x 4.5" Ed. 30 Bronze - $1,550.
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21" x 21" Ed. 20 Bronze - $10,250.
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