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Diane Eugster

For Fifteen years Diane was a successful illustrator, working freelance for hotel/resorts and advertising agencies.  At the age of forty Diane decided to trade in her desk for an easel and has been painting daily in her Las Vegas studio ever since.

She works in oils, using the human figure to create her impressionistic paintings.  Diane prefers to start her work with sketches from life.  From these she finds the essence of the design and rhythm that holds everything together.  Each piece has its own world, where the figure is alive in a unique environment.

An important aspect of Diane’s work is inviting the viewer in, orchestrating the painting so that the viewer becomes a participant.  Capturing simple moments of the human experience, in fact simplicity is what Diane feels gives her work its strength.  “I’m so fortunate to do this for a living; every day is a wonderful drama I step into with a paint brush.”

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16" x 20"- Oil - $1,700.

14" x 32"- Oil - $2,800.

16" x 20"- Oil - $1,700.

"Study in Green"
12" x 9"- Oil - $995.

"Gypsy Girl"
16" x 12"- Oil - $1,200.

24" x 18"- Oil - $2,200.

36" x 24"- Oil - $4,000.

24" x 30"- Oil - $3,200. - SOLD!

"The Golden Box"
24" x 18"- Oil - $2,200.

"Dreaming in Red"
24" x 18"- Oil - $2,200.

"The Red Scarf"
24" x 18"- Oil - $2,200.

"Lady With a Hat"
24" x 18"- Oil - $2,100.

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