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Boris Garibyan

Boris Garibyan was born in 1953 in the city of Baky, located in the former Soviet Union. After graduation from high school, he attended the Art Design College. For the next fifteen years, he worked for “Art Association”, a local design company, doing interior designing, murals, and participated in art shows, exhibitions, decorated theaters, libraries, public and private placed. At the same time he worked on some sculpture pieces and oil paintings. He father was a professional artist from whom Boris learned much.
In 1991 Boris Garibyan immigrated to the United States, and in 1996 became a U.S. citizen. His first years in America found him working at many different jobs, but the most enjoyable was, and still is, oil painting and murals. Unfortunately, he was unable to bring any of his work nor his father’s, to the United States due to restrictions on such items.
Boris constantly studies the work of the famous impressionists, their techniques and brushwork, light and color. Meanwhile, he tries to create his own style. His favorite themes are seascapes and landscapes, as he was born and lived by the Caspian Sea. He does most of his work outdoors in nature as well as in the studio. He uses the Idaho landscape around him in the paintings. He also paints from the memories of his childhood and youth.
The artwork of Boris Garibyan is a reflection his passion for painting, color and nature itself expressed on canvas.

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"Friends" - $450
16"H x 20"W Oil

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"Poppy Field" - $650
24"H x 20"W Oil
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"Snake River Sunrise" - $650
18"H x 24"W Oil
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