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Alanna Roth

Alanna Roth comments, “My goal in creating a sculpture is to convey a mood that is as timeless as the human spirit. To this end, I immerse myself completely in emotional scenario of whatever subject I am sculpting, working on the piece of the inside out. For the time I’m creating the work, I’m intuitively walking in another’s shoes. The challenge of accurately portraying human emotion as well as physical form is what makes this work so rewarding. When a piece is successful, it seems to come alive, drawing the viewer in as if they are witnessing a frozen moment in time. For me, this is the true magic of art.”

Alanna received her B.A. from California State University, Northridge, studied at the International School of Art in Umbria, Italy, and studied privately in the U.S. and Italy with John Coleman, Lincoln Fox, Don Gale, Catherine Merrill, Cristina Mikulasek and Eugene Daub.

Since 1990, she has participated in many exhibitions in fine art galleries, museums, and special art events. Her commissions include United Nations, New York, Roots of Peace organization, Thunder Mesa Films, Ceyleglon Investment Firm in San Francisco, and many more.

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