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  "I've always been an artist." says Sedona, Arizona artists Susan Kliewer.  Susan became interested in doing western and cowboy art while she lived in Orange, California.  The cowboy artists were just getting started and she saw some of their work.  She moved to Sedona in 1969 and met one of the founders of the Cowboy Artists of America, Joe Beeler, who she states was her "hero".  In 1973 Susan and her family moved to Marble Canyon in Northern Arizona to run a trading post where she became friends with many of the Indians of that region.  Her son married a Navajo girl there and Susan uses her daughter-in-law and her grandchildren as models for many of her bronzes.

Susan has worked at bronze foundries for a over ten years.  Sensitive and compelling describes the bronze sculpture of Susan Kliewer which depict her love and understanding of Native Americans.  She states:  "Many of my pieces come from things I saw on the reservation.  Most of my pieces are from my experiences."  Susan also utilizes the library and museums to research intricate beadwork, buckskin and the many other details in her sculptures.

Susan Kliewer was chosen to work on the famous Solon Borglum bronze next to the courthouse in Prescott, Arizona.  At the Sedona's Juried National Sculpture Walk in 1991, Susan won the People's Choice Award and in 1992 she won the commission at the Sculpture Walk for the bronze monument of the town's namesake, Sedona.  She also recently completed a monumental bronze for Sinagua Plaza in Sedona.

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