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     For the past 20 years, Ellen Klim has been painting the beauty of North California, especially scenes from Napa Valley.

     Inspiration came when watching Peter Hayward paint his famous Hawaiian landscapes and seascapes and while listening to him lecture in Honolulu.  So, with a book in one hand and a paint brush in the other, Ellen learned the art of painting with oil colors.  She spent many hours studying the play of light on the surf, and watching the sun's effect on the Pali mountains from her studio window.  She displayed her paintings in Honolulu, and sold to people from all over the world.  As a busy mother and still working as an illustrator, it was a great challenge to keep enough art prepared for display.

     All her striving for excellence has paid off.  To Ellen, art remains a never-ending process of learning to see and translate.  For instruction, she has sought out those artists whose works move her.  She also researches with sketches and color notes, using all this stored information to complete the final work.  Most of her painting is done on linen.  On each new canvas Ellen translates the scene with the rhythm and flow of a song.  Viewers watch for the soft atmospheric edges balanced by dramatic composition and color.

     Though Ellen has won her share of honors and awards, her greatest rewards come when her paintings awaken in the viewer a sense of peace, hope, and eternal beauty
"Springtime South of Calistoga"
                                                                                   30" x 48" Oil
                                                                                               $ 5,000  (SOLD)

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