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David Ginzton was born in Palo Alto, California in 1948.  He's lived in Switzerland and traveled extensively in Europe.  From that experience, he developed a love of sculpture.  He attributes his passion for sculpture to his early exposure to the works of Michaelangelo, Maillol and in particular to Rodin.

He lived in Fairbanks, Alaska for many years where he continued to fine tune his artistic talent.  David finally settled in Idaho with his wife and five children, where he has worked full time as an artist since 1986.  His pieces are emotional and reflect his compassion and love for the contemporary family.  Much of his work relates to children and he loves to see the sculptures placed in terraces, gardens and quiet places.  David admires classical-representational art and still studies the masters mentioned above along with the American sculptures Augustus Sain-Gaudens and Daniel Chester French.

Ginzton was juried into the largest sculpture show in the country in Loveland Colorado in 1990.  He was also selected Gold Medal Artist of the Year for 1994-95 and 1998 in Arizona.

David Ginzton's list of collectors continues to grow, including Children's Hospital, Mattel Toys, Marie Callendar's Restaurant, various sports personalities and celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Priscilla Presley.

"Corner Kick"  Ed. 80 Bronze
35"H x 17"W     $ 7,100.

"It's a Goner!"  Ed. 80 Bronze
35"H x 17"W   $ 7,100.

"I've Got It!"  Ed. 80 Bronze
35"H x 17"W   $ 7,100.

"Tiger Wanna Be"  Ed. 80 Bronze
35"H x 17"W     $ 6,500.
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