Steve "Spike" Finch

Steve “Spike” Finch was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  For nearly 20 years he worked in the trades as a journeyman in Palo Alto, California.  All that changed in December 2003 after a back injury forced him to change careers and lifestyle.  Later, Spike would turn this experience into an opportunity to rediscover his passions.

Spike is a self-taught lathe turner who learned many of his skills as a young boy watching his father tinker in the garage.  Spike has worked on many artistic projects through the years, from furniture making to inlay woodwork, wood turning and airbrush art.  While recovering from his injury, Spike took the opportunity to turn his full attention to his craft and passion for turning.

Spike creates one-of-a-kind, segmented stone vessels.  He unites ancient alabaster and soapstone and accents with copper and exotic wood.  Each piece of stone offers spectacular combinations of striations and hues.  Spike’s signature style of uniting these materials via segmentation is what distinguishes his creations.  This is a time-consuming process, requiring the utmost precision, but adds further distinction and dimension to each vessel.

Spike’s creation style is organic.  When beginning to turn and uncover each vessel, no decision is made on the final design.  As he brings each vessel to life he allows the material to speak to him and reveal the shape that is meant to be.

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"Pinot Noir"
6.25" x 9.75" Brazilian soapstone

"Exotic Rainbow"
4.75" x 3.25" Italian Alabaster

"Pure Elegance"
7.5" x 10.75"  Italian Alabaster

7.75" x 10.75" Colorado Alabaster - SOLD!

4.5" x 11.75" Italian Agate

10" x 13" Italian alabaster

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