Michal McGrady
Born and raised in Federal Way, WA, Michael McGrady has always had a natural talent and passion for art.

At age 23 he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming an actor and has since then appeared as series regular “Buchalter” on ABC’s Day Break, also as recurring characters on Las Vegas, as Detective Max Dillon, CSI Miami as Detective Delacroix, The Riches as Bob Day, JAG as Harms best friend Keeter and several episodes as Officer Brown on the critically acclaimed Fox series “24”.

Michael has recently been cast as one of the leads in “Southland”, a TV series produced by John "ER, West Wing" Wells for NBC Universal Television & Warner Brothers. He began filming in September 08 as Sal, an LAPD detective investigating gang related crimes.

In addition, Michael has also guest stared in over 100 popular television shows such as: Grey's Anatomy, The Closer, Bones, Dirty Sexy Money, Big Love, Criminal Minds, Without a Trace and Cold Case, to name just a few. 
A short list from dozens of films include: Deep End of the Ocean, The Thin Red Line, Volcano, Wyatt Earp, Hocus Pocus, Diggstown and as Lou Gherig in The Babe. 

Even though Michael has experienced great success in his acting career, he has never lost sight of his deep felt passion for art.

Michael considers himself an expressive impressionist with a romantic bent, whether it is the romance of a sunset , a sunrise, autumn colors, a certain place, or a special moment in time, if it moves him, he paints it.

As a former sculptor he prefers to use the pallet knife for his painting as it suits his internal rhythm and satisfies his need for a kinetic application of the paint. He particularly gravitated towards bold colors and thick layers of paint that encourages a more 3 dimensional experience with the painting. He paints in broad statements,” it is less about being correct and more about engaging your imagination and provoking an emotional response.”

A key element in Michael’s process is the use of music while painting; he’ll choose a style of music that fits his intentions for each individual painting.

Over the years he has become an accomplished artist and his works (including Murals, old world Tapestries and Frescos) are collected and much sought after by many celebrities, private and corporate collectors, throughout the US and Europe.

click to enlarge:

36" x 36" Oil

24" x 24 " Oil

20" x 24 " Oil

20" x 24 " Oil

"Quiet Corner"
20" x 16" Oil

"Morning Dip"
16" x 20 " Oil

"Sonoma Poppies"
20" x 16" Oil

"Garden Cottage"
16" x 20 " Oil

"Autumn Flames"
11" x 14" Oil

"Liquid Peace"
11" x 14" Oil

30" x 24" Oil

"Sky Reflections"
11" x 14" Oil

"Forest Thunder"
12" x 16" Oil

"Secret Place"
16" x 20 " Oil

"Tribute to Vincent"
14" x 11"- Oil

"Apricot Blossoms"
12" x 16" Oil

"Autumn Storm"
24" x 30"- Oil

"Quiet Getaway"
16" x 20"- Oil

8" x 10"- Oil

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