Eric Rhoads

Eric Rhoads began life in 1954 in Indiana.  His artistic talents developed early, and a floral painting he created at age twelve is still hanging in his home.  Though Rhoads spent much of his life sketching places he visited, his career path took him into another artistic direction. He became a radio air personality in several cities around the U.S. with his voice being heard by millions.  Though radio was a wonderful creative outlet, he also had a passion for photography.  “This is where I learned about light and values, which were invaluable to my understanding of light and values in painting”, he says. 

In 1986 Rhoads entered the publishing business, which he operates today.  He has started several magazines and published several books, including one he authored.  During this period, Rhoads continued to pursue his love of painting, and signed on with the Atelier of Jack Jackson, who was a student of world renowned artists Frank Rielly and Ives Gammel.  Under Jackson, Rhoads studied for five years in a traditional academic environment with a focus on learning portraiture by copying works by great Renaissance masters through the 18th century.

Needing more time with his wife and new triplets in 2002, Rhoads abandoned his extensive portraiture work for plein air landscape painting.  As he became more involved in the plein air movement he applied his publishing skills to the development of a new art magazine, entitled Plein Air Magazine.  In 2006 Rhoads broadened the focus of the magazine which became Fine Art Connoisseur.  He is the owner and Editor-in-Chief.  The magazine is distributed to art collectors, curators and historians worldwide.

Rhoads has become a frequent speaker on fine art and has vetted and judged many art shows.  Though he remains very busy selecting quality content for the publication and managing his organization, he works feverishly on his painting. Rhoads travels with his easel and paints on business trips throughout the world. 

Rhoads has studied under Jack Jackson, Leila Carlson, a protégé of Odd Nerdrum, Ken Auster, Matt Smith, Ned Muller, Joe Paquet, Kevin MacPherson, and others.  Rhoads is listed in Who’s Who in American Art, is a member of the California Art Club and the National Arts Club in NY.

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"Carmel Sunset"
30" x 24" Oil

Driving along the 17-Mile Drive with my painting buddies, the sun was beginning to create a vibrant orange tone on the trees a I gazed out my window. "Turn around, "shouted one of my friends. "Pull over quick" I shouted. I rushed over to the roadside and rushed to mix a sample of that salmon-orange color as it hit the rocks with the single tree at its crest. The wind was blowing and the chill as so deep I could hardly hold my brushes, yet somehow the warmth of the sunset warmed me just enough to capture a study of a memorable moment in Carmel, a scene which pioneers and painters before me gazed upon a hundred years before.

"Wooded Stream"
(After Monsted)
24" x 30" Oil

Many generations ago a painter named Monstead painted Europe like no other. He was able to capture the essence of a place at a time when photographs were not possible. As a painter, it's been my goal to capture some of the magic he was able to create, yet with my own hand and in my own style. Somewhere there is a log he sat upon, easel standing in the cold rushing water, a he captured the light filtering through the trees. I've walked and painted in this spot, climbed the rocks and hiked the forests with paints in my backpack, to repeat history, which is why this spot, this river, and this light is a place I will never forget.

"Towering Trees"
24" x 12" Oil

"Snowy Country Road at Sunset"
16" x 12" Oil

"Birch Island"
15" x 30 " Oil

"Distant Chimes in Morning Fog"
9" x 12" Oil

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